Create Lasting Improvements

Learn the tools to maintain optimal performance.
Integrate neurological & muscular strength for lasting change.

Research-based, data-driven, quantifiable results

Enabling rapid change by taking a systems approach enhancing mechanics, energetics & neural control of your body.

Own your peak performance – faster, stronger, more resilient

Full Body Movement

Making quick, lasting changes requires a full body approach.

System approach to what appears to be an isolated impairment. Strength, mobility, and flexibility requirements vary according to functional/sports requirements. Asymmetries in the body lead to injuries, pain, and movement impairment. Integrating the brain (neurological) into a movement plan creates fast, sustainable change.

What makes rapid sustainable change possible?

Identifying the delta between what you need and what you have to be your BEST

Mobility + Flexibility

Mobility (the ability of a joint to move through a range of motion with control) and Flexibility (the ability of the muscle to be lengthened) requirements for each individual are determined by their day to day requirements. The ability to identify discrepancies in your individual requirements and abilities is a key component in making rapid, lasting changes to your performance.

Endurance, Strength + Power

Identifying your specific requirements for Endurance (sub-maximal force over a sustained amount of time), Strength (muscle groups producing force) and Power (a group of muscles producing maximal force in as short an amount of time as possible) is a cornerstone to our approach. Every individual has unique discrepancies, asymmetries and requirements (functional and sport specific) that impact injury susceptibility, recovery and performance.

Athletic Performance

Injury, concussions, surgery and hitting strength plateaus can be catastrophic to any athlete. Time is an essential component in creating individualized plans to enable you to be at your best and getting better every day. Personal dynamic movement data metrics give you the quantifiable information needed for rapid recovery and performance improvement.

Full Body Movement clients receive one-on-one treatment sessions.

ALL clients have access to video recordings of their sessions for future reference.

Utilizing modern video conferencing technology and advanced analysis software, Full Body Movement offers personalized treatment to clients in the comfort of their own homes.

All clients receive personalized homework for their remote sessions.

Now seeing clients at 
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Prioritize your movement and fitness.
Your life depends on it.

Stop chasing symptoms

What to Expect

  • Identify Underlying Problem
    • Digitized Postural Assessments
    • Dynamic Gait Assessment
    • Individual Movement Pattern Analysis

  • Create a Dynamic, Individualized, Goal-Oriented Treatment Plan
    • Anticipated Timeline
    • Movement Journal to Identify Pain Patterns
    • Dynamic, Changing Plan as Your Body Changes

  • Ongoing At-Home Work and Support


This process is 100% customized to your goals, your body, and your life. It results in improved performance, endurance, injury prevention, and the achievement of your goals.

Find your best movement, know your own body, and love the body you’re in.

Traveling? No problem! You can bring your plan with you and can always work toward your goals.

Data-Driven Tools

Dartfish Pro®

  • Real-time performance data
  • Computerized movement assessments

Postural Assessment

  • In-person or virtual
  • Fast, objective, functional movement assessments

Individualized Corrective Exercise

  • Readily available and dynamic
  • Accessible on your mobile device

What Clients Have to Say

Natalie Sutto, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, NCPT, CSCS

Your Full Body Movement Specialist

“Muscular strength and neurological strength must be in harmony for maximum performance.”

Realizing current movement practices were not making the rapid and lasting change her clients required, Natalie began integrating current movement science research into her corrective movement planning. As a neurological movement specialist, she integrates the latest in neuroscience, as well as contributes to establishing current best practices relating to brain and body integration relative to rapid movement improvements. Her foundation as a Registered Nurse naturally lends a holistic approach to her practice.

Using a data driven assessment provides a baseline that Natalie uses to establish a realistic timeline and milestones. “The goal is for clients to see improvement quickly and create their own toolbag for sustained performance.”

Athletes of all levels work with Natalie to identify the “why” behind recurrent injuries and pain, and to learn the tools to prevent injury, enhance balance, and improve overall performance.

Natalie knows that whole body movement is accessible for anyone at any age. Improved movement is possible for individuals recovering from cancer, knee and hip replacements, and injuries. Treatment can also cultivate balance by creating a strong core and lean muscles.

Natalie’s Advanced Training:

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher | Athletic Conditioning & Rehab | NeuroNetwork Premier St. Louis Studio | OOVⓇ | BalancedBody | Polestar National Mentor | Neurological Conditions (Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, MS, Parkinsons, Stroke) | Breast Cancer | ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer | Scoliosis | Osteoporosis | Chronic Low Back Pain | Advanced Body Reading | RPR®️ Level 3 Certified


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master Business Administration
  • Master Healthcare Administration
  • Comprehensive Polestar Pilates
  • Comprehensive Balance Body Pilates

Natalie’s Multidisciplinary Approach

I have spent decades helping people accomplish their health goals and I have found that no two people are completely alike. Their mindsets, bodies, priorities, and goals are completely unique. I enjoy working closely with my clients to develop programs designed with their particular strengths, challenges, and values in mind.

I draw from a wide range of disciplines and modalities to construct a highly individualized program for each of my clients. Then, we work together to ensure success, making changes and adjustments whenever they are needed.

Every single session with my clients is built on a process of discovery, guidance, and encouragement. I check in with each client the day before our one-on-one session to make absolutely sure we are on the same page regarding their current condition and pain points. As needed, we modify, adapt, and introduce new practices to bring the ideal program into focus.

Lifelong treatment is NOT the goal of my practice. My work is to help you learn more about your own body and what you need to do in order to develop and maintain the physical condition and mental focus necessary to help you live YOUR best life possible.

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